Wine Stumblr is the latest Small Dog web application. It helps users quickly discover winery tasting rooms, as well as plan outings to share with friends and other users.

It is a powerful & easy to use web app which is driven by time and location aware data to create a reliable real time resource for wine tasters.

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Location Driven

Location driven web applications

Using GPS data, combined with 3rd party API integration, we were able to quickly develop a robust, location aware application. It is able to route users between locations while using local database caching to reduce external HTTP requests and speed up results.

Wine Stumblr's user system is build on top of Facebook Open Graph API to giving users a one-click signup experience, reducing user friction and increasing conversion rates.


Deeply intergrated ecommerce systems

When a local, mid-sized business launches a completely new product line, it's not expected to scale from 0 to 100,000 visitors and 360,000 page views in a one year time span.

But, that's what happened with Allied Medal Hangers. With their products and customer service generating huge buzz with their customers and bloggers, is was up to us to deliver a rock solid, lightening fast platform to keep up with the excitement. Today Google ranks the Allied store in the top 96% percentile for website speed.


We work with local nonprofit organizations

The local nonprofit David Pettigrew Memorial Foundation had a problem. They hosted a ton of high quality, free workshops for skiers and snowboarders to learn about staying safe on the mountain, but didn't have a way to get the word out.

We launched a new site with deep Eventbrite API integration that highlighted the foundations workshops and fundraisers right on their website, then creating a Facebook page for them to keep in touch with their supporters. Allowing them to easily coordinate with instructors, manage workshops, and connect with donors each season.


real time trafic analtyics

The days of websites being digital brochures are long dead. On the modern web, you need to treat your website as a living document that grows organically with your users.

We built our analytic platform, Cloud Control, on top of the open source tracker Piwik to deliver up to date information to our clients about how users are finding and using their site. Allowing us to continually improve and advance the user experience.

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About our local web studio

Founded on two, key, principles:

  1. The web created an environment allowing local small businesses to compete on a level playing field with international conglomerates for the first time.
  2. The web is a living organism, constantly changing and evolving.

This means Small Dog Studios isn't in the business of "send & set sail", like most web developers.

Most web developers want to paste together a few website components, toss your logo on it and cash your check. They know you will need to come back for yet another site update in a few months or a year as web technology continues to advance.

We're tired of this thievery. When we make a website we stand by it, and you. Our ongoing support plan gives your business an entire web division at its disposal. Each month we track and analyze the websites performance, showing you where it is doing well and where we can improve.

Our Mission

To empower local business with current web technology by providing an ongoing relationship at an affordable cost.